inside out digital drama club

In April 2020, we launched a weekly digital drama group to help older LGBTQ+ people stay connected and keep creative in the midst of Covid-19. We’ve played improv games. We’ve devised short scenes on the fly. And we’ve helped participants shape monologues about some compelling aspects of their lives.

We’ve learned from some brilliant younger queer artists who have led some of the sessions. We’ve looked at texts by LGBTQ+ dramatists for inspiration and watched excerpts of films like Moonlight and Carol to see how they show queer characters navigate relationships inside a hostile world.

To showcase the participants’ work at the end of that phase of the project, we created the livestream anthology show, We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love, in December 2020. This is a selection of the pieces that made up that show.

You can read our interviews with the guest artists we’ve been working with on our blog.