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Outside, looking in

Veteran gay activist Ted Brown, who came out before LGBT people had any rights in the UK, has dedicated his life to combating racism and homophobia since joining the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in 1970, after meeting a group of activists picketing The Boys in the Band in London’s West End. Ted Brown had been aware of his feelings for other boys at school when he was 11 or 12, but it was the discovery of a Tom of Finland book in a Popular Books store in New Cross, London, when he was 15 that convinced him this was not a phase. “I

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Playing a character who is not the average black man seen on stage

Jahvel Hall, who plays up-and-coming 1980s DJ Michael in We Raise Our Hands In The Sanctuary, explains how he researched a complex character who faces down the homophobia, racism and HIV/AIDS prejudice of the 1980s. How has the rehearsal process been for you, how does it compare to other productions you have done? Having three weeks instead of four or more was a bit intense, we sort of hit the ground running which was good. I think the main thing about the rehearsal process for me – aside from getting lines, getting the dialogue out and practising it with the other actors on stage –

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