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Why we all need our own tribe, whatever our age, wherever we live

Collective living can be difficult for older LGBTQ+ people when residents or staff are unwelcoming or downright hostile but connecting with other queer people can make all the difference. This is Cecilia’s story. When Cecilia moved into sheltered accommodation with Anchor Trust Housing 10 years ago, she was initially wary about coming out to the other residents in her new East London home. She had moved to London to escape not one but two bouts of homophobic harassment, first in Manchester and later in Derbyshire, and wanted to do everything she could to avoid a third in her new surroundings. Cecilia

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Unlocking the closet doors in our care homes

When older LGBTQ+ people leave their own flats or houses and move into sheltered housing or care homes, many of them have to ask themselves if they want to come out to everyone in the collective living community they are joining. There are all sorts of reasons that might give them pause. The marketing leaflet may not have included any photographs of same-sex couples. The onsite staff may have assumed they were heterosexual or cis-gendered without asking them. Their new neighbours may have been overheard making prejudiced remarks – about other residents, staff members or people on TV. And all

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