in good company

On a stage populated by gently whirring fans, with a live soundtrack created by a cellist and their electronics, two male contemporary dancers unfurl a 20-minute duet that summons up all the strangeness of a forgotten English seaside town.

In Good Company is a piece created by Joel and Pete with Inky Cloak, staged at The Place in January 2016 as part of Resolution, the venue’s annual new year festival of short live dance and performance works by emerging artists.

Dancers Joel O’Donoghue & PJ Hurst
Choreographer Joel O’Donoghue
Music Pete Yelding
Direction Daniel Fulvio & Martin Moriarty
Design Rosemary Maltezos
Lighting design Joshua Gadsby

Main image: Joel O’Donoghue (left) and PJ Hurst, In Good Company, The Place, January 2016, by Leon Csernohlavek