supporting inky cloak

We have been fortunate to grant-funding from Arts Council England for three of our projects, which we could not have created without their financial backing. We were also able to successfully run an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to raise a significant proportion of the money we needed to stage our first show. And we have been blessed by the generous support of a number of patrons who believe in the importance of our work and back our shows. We could not have realised any of our work without all of the above and are profoundly grateful for all of this support.

Since we launched with our first show in 2014, we have been looking to tell queer stories rooted in crucial concerns inside and outside the LGBTQ community through projects that integrate community engagement with the shows themselves. Cover Her Face included an evening of recollection, analysis and performance exploring 1950s queer history, Uncover Her Face, and the drag ball Malfi Is Burning, which was open to all participants to celebrate all forms of rebel sexuality and gender non-conformity and provide a life-affirming contrast to the tragic darkness of the main show. As part of We Raise Our Hands in the Sanctuary, we ran a joint event with Opening Doors London (the country’s biggest older LGBTQ charity), which both examined the evolution of queer representation onstage since the Second World War and used the themes of the show to enable a discussion of the experience of living through the 1980s AIDS epidemic. And throughout the development of our latest project, Did They Hear The Song I Was Singing?, we will be working with Meet Me at the Albany, Entelechy Arts and Anchor Homes to deliver participant activities for older people that will both offer them quality theatre-based workshops and help us create compelling and convincing work in the main show.

We are keen to develop new partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our concerns and wish to work together on devising and delivering projects that will make a genuine difference to potential participants and audiences. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

We also welcome donations of any size to help us continue to make our work in the future. You can use your debit or credit card or PayPal account to make your contribution to clicking on the Donate button below. Thank you for whatever you can afford to give.