Let us introduce you to: Maurice Greenham

Picture of Maurice Greenham during our last rehearsal for our new digital show, We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love.

During lockdown we started Inside Out, a weekly digital drama club for older LGBTQ+ people. We share stories, play improv games, identify lessons from work by queer dramatists, write about our experiences and hone our performance skills. This week we interviewed Maurice Greenham, where he talks about Inside Out and how he’s stayed creative during lockdown.

If you’d like to see the work we’ve created in the last few months, don’t miss our digital show, We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love on Thursday 10 December at 8pm. Click here to book your tickets.

What has been your favourite part of drama club?
Meeting such a wide range of people and hearing their unique, fascinating stories.

What are the best lessons that you’ve learned about writing and performing?
Everyone has an interesting story to tell… indeed some folk have many. Listening is as important as speaking. There hasn’t been a single session when failed to learn something new.

I have also conquered my fear of making a video.

Has drama club helped you discover something about yourself that you weren’t aware of before?
To my shame, I discovered I made assumptions about people and their views… an issue I thought I’d dealt with long ago. Hopefully, no one in the group was aware.

What are other ways you’ve stayed creative during lockdown?
Reading, communicating online, playing piano and organ every day.

Running a six-month project for the North Midlands LGBT Older People’s Group which includes craft workshops like bookmaking, paper cuts, quilling and X stitch as well as performing arts workshops…dance, singing, and Brazilian music.

What can people expect from We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love? Why should people see it?
Viewers can expect an amazingly diverse collection of personal LGBTQ stories delivered in unusual ways under extraordinary circumstances.

You’ll never forgive yourself if you miss it!