Let us introduce you to: Jane Liddell-King

Jane Liddell-King rehearsing We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love

During lockdown we started Inside Out, a weekly digital drama club for older LGBTQ+ people. We share stories, play improv games, identify lessons from work by queer dramatists, write about our experiences and hone our performance skills. We asked Jane Liddell-King about her experience of Inside Out and how she’s stayed creative during lockdown.

If you’d like to see the work we’ve created in the last few months, don’t miss our digital show, We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love on Thursday 10 December at 8pm. Click here to book your tickets.

What has been your favourite part of drama club?

Listening to hugely varied stories by other performers and witnessing their evolution facilitated  by  real, ie empathetic  teamwork.

What are the best lessons that you’ve learned about writing and performing?

Be fearless, listen to others, attend to structure and edit ruthlessly.

Has drama club helped you discover something about yourself that you weren’t aware of before?

That I’m not the total failure I feel myself to be.  And that maybe I have something to share.

What are other ways you’ve stayed creative during lockdown?

Writing poetry,   photography, making bread,  writing a diary,  teaching,  knitting in wild yarns … 

What can people expect from We Were Seized by the Spirit of Love? Why should people see it?

A revelation of hidden talent from an amazing variety of people each with a unique story to tell. Untold stories need to be heard because they change both performer and audience.