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We are all dancers

Choreographer Mina Aidoo talks to Inky Cloak about her approach to choreographing the trailer for our new show. What drew you to the project to choreograph the trailer for We Raise Our Hands In The Sanctuary? Disco! That was it. I really love disco music. I already knew Earth Wind & Fire and all the classic American acts, so it was fascinating to explore some different aspects of the genre through the references you gave me, such as early ’80s boogie (So You Wanna Be A Star by Mtume) and Italo disco (Spacer Woman by Charlie). It helped situate me in

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Armoured by the fierceness of character

When your only experience of drag is a little light cross-dressing on holiday as a kid, how do you prepare for the role of a fierce drag queen? It’s all about channelling fearless icons, says Emile Clarke, who played Lady Brandi in our work-in-progress preview this summer. When you started developing the character of Lady Brandi, the down-at-heel New York drag queen in our show, where did you look for inspiration? Grace Jones definitely. She was someone I brought along to the show-and-tell you guys organised on day one of rehearsals at The Albany (image below). I love Grace Jones’s fearlessness. In

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